Offerings for Children

Hands-On Music Classess
The following fun-filled music classes are offered once a week during the school year or as week-long summer camps:

Composer Capers ©
Students in this class will act out original, entertaining skits based on the life and times of famous composers and their greatest works. In the process, they will also learn about the four major periods of music history, characteristics of each, and where each composer rests on the historical timeline.

Opera Odysseys ©
In this exciting series, students don costumes and props to act out synopses of the world’s best-known opera plots, all to a soundtrack of famous arias and choruses. They also learn facts about each composer, opera terms and lingo, and concert etiquette.

Notes and Bolts ©
Students will play instruments and enjoy a nonstop array of fun games and activities that teach the fundamentals of rhythm, note-reading, and sight-singing.

Patriotic Pride ©
Similar to “Tunes on the Timeline,” this course explores American patriotic music. Through exciting activities students will become familiar with America’s most beloved patriotic tunes, including the national anthem, the national hymn, the national march, and the Armed Forces service songs. Students will analyze the meter and form of each piece, dotted rhythms, basic counting and note-reading skills.


Recorder Karate ™
Recorder Karate is an award-winning motivational method by Barb Philipak that teaches elementary students to play a simple woodwind instrument called the recorder. As students master songs of increasing difficulty, they receive colored "karate belts" (tassels) to hang from their instruments. In this way, they learn to read notes, count rhythms, and follow a score. Students also learn to follow a director and play in an ensemble, preparing them for band and choral programs.

Musical Miracles ©
(Designed especially for Christian schools and church camps) With scripts and props in hand, students will don costumes to re-enact the riveting stories of musical miracles involving King Jehoshaphat (II Chronicles 20) and Paul and Silas (Acts 16.) The role of music in the Bible will also be explored, as well as the many ways God intended this wonderful gift not only to enrich our lives, but to worship and praise Him both now and for eternity.

Tunes on the Timeline ©
The music of America tells the story of America! African-American spirituals, folk songs, jazz and other genres will be explored against the backdrop of American history.


Private Piano Lessons
Focused Individual instruction

With a degree in piano performance and thirty years of experience, Pamela Yarjan is highly qualified to teach students of all ages, guiding them to be multi-functional keyboardists who can improvise from a chord chart as well as play traditional piano literature. She uses a relaxed, non-competitive, approach that emphasizes personal enjoyment and minimizes performance anxiety.

Choral Ensembles
The Thrill of Shared Musical Experience

SweetLife Music provides a rich and varied choral experience for K4-12 students. Through the study and performance of the highest quality choral literature, students develop vocal technique, music reading skills, expressive artistry, creativity, and awareness of various cultures. Ensemble participants share musical experiences that bring a joy and satisfaction truly unparalleled in life.

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