Music Classes for Kids and Adults

Summer Camps & After-School/Home-School Classes for Kids

Pam brings the zaniest and most entertaining educational activities gleaned from her three decades of teaching and offers them as week-long, unforgettable action-packed summer music camps. She also reserves one day a week to offer the same exciting topics for after-school programs, home-school organizations, and community centers. Summer camps are held Monday-Friday, three to four hours per day, depending on the theme. After-school and homeschool classes are one hour in length and meet once a week for six or eight weeks. Choose one theme, or choose them all and schedule them as a series throughout the summer or school year! Once kids experience one of these exciting sessions, they are more than eager to come back for more! Click here for rates. Visit the “Contact Us” page to to reserve a date, obtain more information, or to request Pam’s full resume and a list of references.

Listed below are the five exciting themes Pam offers for current or rising 2nd through 5th graders:

Composer Capers™  
Throughout this week-long camp or 6-week session, participants will have a blast making music history come alive by acting out original, entertaining and often side-splitting hilarious skits based on the life and times of famous composers and their greatest works. Pam’s bottomless trunk of costumes and props add to the fun and learning, ensuring kids will remember facts about each composer for a lifetime! In the midst of having such fun, they’ll also gain a basic knowledge of the four major periods of music history, characteristics of each, and where each composer rests on the timeline of world history.

Opera Odysseys™
In this exciting summer camp or six-week after-school series, students don more costumes and props to act out zany, fun-filled synopses of the world’s best-known opera plots, all to a soundtrack of famous arias and choruses. They’ll experience the thrill of transforming themselves into bulls, toreadors, and gypsies for Bizet’s “Carmen.” They’ll ride Viking boats through the mist in Wagner’s “Lohengrin,” and portray elephants, peacocks, and camels as well as chariot-riding warriors and regal throne-perched princesses and kings in Verdi’s “Aida,” just to name a few of the operas explored in this riveting week of fun. To add to the excitement, silly songs and games help kids learn opera terms and lingo as well as concert and opera hall etiquette. Watch out! Your kids will have such a grand time they may ask you to buy season tickets to the opera!

Notes and Bolts™

Kids who sign up for this camp/class will enjoy a nonstop array of zany games and activities, including Ms. Pam’s wildly popular and entertaining “Veggie Rap” with crazy choreography and words that will keep kids in stitches! Every activity is a supercali-music-alistic hit with the kids, and in each one they learn the fundamentals of rhythm, note-reading, sight-singing, expression, and musical form, in a way they’ll never forget! Participants will play, improvise, and compose on instruments to their hearts’ content, and even make their own instruments! As a bonus, they’ll also learn about the instruments of the orchestra as well as instruments from other cultures - all through a variety of entertaining games and diversions. Who knew music theory could be such fun?!

Tunes on the Timeline™
The music of America tells the story of America! Kids will have loads of fun playing games and instruments and singing and dancing their way through America’s great treasury of African-American spirituals, folk songs, cowboy songs, farm, railroad, and river songs. Through creative art and musical projects and hands-on activities they’ll also explore the blues, jazz, and learn about America’s finest songwriters, composers, and musicians, all against the backdrop of American history.

Patriotic Pride™
This star-spangled spectacular camp or session familiarizes kids with America’s most beloved patriotic tunes and the history behind each, including the national anthem, the national hymn, the national march, and the Armed Forces service songs. Kids will enjoy a red-white and blue musical extravaganza of marching, drum-beating, cymbal-clanging, and flag-waving. In the process they’ll learn to analyze the meter and form of each piece, and learn basic conducting patterns, and get to conduct the the class or camp band in different meters. They’ll become aces at counting rhythm patterns and reading notes on the staff. This is a great event to schedule before the 4th of July!

For camps and classes, Pam brings all her own equipment and sets it up.

Call 770-372-2806 now to book a camp or class session for your facility!


Play-By-Ear Piano Classes for Adults
If you’ve been looking for a great Recreational Music Making class, you’ve found it! Pam reserves one morning or evening a week to offer this exciting six or eight-week session to adult beginners at community centers, clubhouses, and churches. In the class, students are introduced to the piano keyboard and learn key names, proper hand position and posture. At the very first class they learn how to play simple chords. Although this is primarily a “play-by-ear” course, students will also learn the basics of reading notes on the staff and counting rhythms. By the end of the session participants will be able to play broken chord accompaniments to well-known songs. Classes meet once a week and last one hour. The materials fee is $25.00 and includes a “fakebook” and a binder in which to keep handouts. Subsequent classes are offered for those who wish to expand their knowledge and skills. Students are expected to bring their own portable electronic keyboards and stands to class if the facility does not provide them.

Click here for rates.


“Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music!” 

~ Ronald Reagan

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