Music Makes Life Sweeter!

An explosion of research over the past decade has produced astounding results. Students both young and old who receive quality music instruction can expect to experience a myriad of mental, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual benefits, enriching their lives beyond measure.

ADULTS tend to let their fears of learning a new instrument or participating in an ensemble keep them from experiencing the tremendous benefits that come from musical activity. Studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine and other periodicals show that music instruction during the adult years enhances cognitive ability on many levels, and not only protects against all forms of dementia but improves memory and concentration. Adult music students can also expect to enjoy decreased levels of depression, anxiety, and feelings of isolation and loneliness. Music instruction has shown to increase feelings of self-esteem and emotional well-being, provide opportunities for social interaction, and strengthen the immune system. To learn more
about the benefits of music instruction for adults, click on the following link:


KIDS are missing out on the benefits of musical study due to budget cuts in schools, or lack of quality music programs in home-school settings, despite the overwhelming evidence that music instruction results in significantly higher achievement test scores and functioning in all subjects (especially math and reading.) Music students also exhibit superior temporal-spatial reasoning skills, superior organizational skills, higher self-esteem, lower delinquency rates, and better social skills. See the following website for a statistical analysis regarding the benefits of music study:


SweetLife Brings Back the Music!

For ADULTS, SweetLife Music comes to active adult and retirement/ assisted living communities to offer private piano lessons, choral ensembles of all types, and musical entertainment that provides stimulating cognitive and social interaction.

For KIDS, SweetLife Music offers an alternative to traditional school music programs, one that ensures students from kindergarten through high school receive a top-notch music education while at the same time offering great value.

Whatever your age, SweetLife wants to enhance your life through music. Click on the appropriate tab on the left to see the exciting ways SweetLife can make your life sweeter!

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